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Parent Worksheet (printable)

Parents, make sure your babysitter has all your emergency contact information, and your house safety instructions. Download and print the ASAPSitters Parent Worksheet.

Babysitters, let parents know what you did and how much fun you had while they were out!  Download and Print the ASAPSitters Babysitter Worksheet.

 Babysitter Kit (printable) How to Be a Great Babysitter!

Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Teaching Toddler Listening Skills

Safety Reminders for Babysitters

Babysitting Online Training Course: FOOD ALLERGIES (Free)  

Advanced Child Care Training - Red Cross ($)

Joyful Life of Caregiving Online Course (free) 

Infant & Toddler Child Care Training Courses - Texas A & M (free)

Diploma in Childrens Studies (free) 

Let's Move! Child Care: Physical Activity (free) 

Safe Sitter Course ($)

What to expect from a Professional Babysitter (article) 

Signs of a Great Babysitter (article) 

Babysitter Safety (University of Michigan webpage) 

Signs of a Good Caregiver (article) 

Whole Child: a Caregiver's Guide to the First Five Years 

Dealing with Angry Feelings


Tips & Advice

Since starting ASAPSitters in 2008, we’ve learned a lot of things about babysitting.  Over the past 6 years there have been many different situations and questions that have come up from our families and babysitters. Based on our experience, we’ve compiled this short go-to list of the most important things that babysitters and parents need to know.  more...

Maybe you’re an old pro at this parenting thing or maybe you’re a new mom or dad who is hiring their first babysitter… ever. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle doing your best to navigate between developmental milestones.    Two things are for sure: with kids, you can always expect the unexpected and you can never be too prepared. So before you rush out the door to make it to that important meeting, eagerly anticipated date night, or your business function, here is a list of the 10 most important things you should tell your babysitter before you leave. more...

At some point, between the birth of your child and eighteen years from now, you will need to leave the house.  On one of these occasions, perhaps many, you may need to leave your child with someone else.  There is a lot you can do to prepare so you are not overcome with anxiety and panic as soon as you start the car in the driveway.  more...

Are you looking for someone to watch your baby while you go out for a date night? Do you need someone to pick your kids up from school and stay with them until you get home from work? Are you looking for someone to help with the twins on a regular basis three times a week? How do you know if you need a “babysitter,” ”nanny,” or “Mother’s helper” and what is the difference?  more...