Should you Tip your Babysitter?

One of our babysitters mentioned a family asked about our "tipping" policy. Should families tip their babysitters? We think that tips for babysitters are optional & appreciated but not expected.  Babysitters should expect to earn the agreed upon hourly rate for their sitting jobs and be paid by cash or check at the end of the job. Families should never feel obligated to tip their babysitters. However, if a babysitter accommodates time changes, additional kids, pets, light chores, etc. a tip is a nice way to say "thank you." 

"Mason" Submitted by ASAPSitter Wanda

"I was babysitting this young boy named Mason, and he was the sweetest thing ever. I had so much fun with him; he taught me different games, and actually got me into Star Wars (mind you, I used to hate Star Wars). We ate pizza and drew pictures together - by the way he is a WAY better artist than me! LOL. He also shocked me with how smart he was. I see him going extremly far when he gets older. I really enjoyed myself, thanks Mason." - Wanda

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