Hush, Hush Little Baby

We are excited to be partnering with Hush, Hush Little Baby! HHLB was founded in 2008 by Haleigh Haggerton Almquist, an Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist and local mommy! HHLB provides newborn care services in the DC Metro area, including overnight care and sleep training.  HHLB's mission is to provide each family with the specialized care they need and deserve during that special time when they are welcoming a tiny new member into their lives.

Congratulations to our winners!!!

Congratulations to all of our winners!! and thank you to our incredible sponsors - B&B Music LessonsPB & JackSleepWell Sleep SolutionsAll Heart TrainingPacers Running StoresSport Bounce of LoudounThe Geller Law GroupMr. Skip, and Jessica Monte Photography - for making our 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway a huge success!! 

A'sap Sidrs

From my almost 6yo son... the drawing is a school assignment to draw mom's work: "My mom dus A'sap Sidrs." I'm not sure why the apostrophe or what the black scribble is supposed to be ... but I'll take it over the drawing of Dad  captioned "My dad got a tikit bekuz he woz driving to fast."


A word from one of our sitters

We always appreciate hearing feedback from our families and from our sitters! Of course we want to know how our sitters are doing, if the kids are having a good time, what is working well and what maybe isn't, and needs attention. The input, comments, and questions from our families is what helps ASAPSitters grow and improve. And it's always wonderful to hear when a sitter is doing an outstanding job - we can't even fit all of those wonderful sitter reviews on our Testimonials page. We always try to make sure sitters always know when a family praises them (or if they have constructive criticism). 

We want to hear from our sitters too, and often do - that the kids were wonderful (or sometimes a little naughty), that the families are nice and welcoming, or sometimes more technical feedback, like that a particular address is hard to find. Today one of our sitters emailed us with the following note-

"I just wanted to let you know that the babysitting job last night was fantastic. The ------'s are such nice and wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed myself babysitting the kids and getting to know the family. Thank you for the opportunity once again."

And then we heard from the family about how happy they were with their sitter. And THAT is what ASAPSitters is all about !


Should you Tip your Babysitter?

One of our babysitters mentioned a family asked about our "tipping" policy. Should families tip their babysitters? We think that tips for babysitters are optional & appreciated but not expected.  Babysitters should expect to earn the agreed upon hourly rate for their sitting jobs and be paid by cash or check at the end of the job. Families should never feel obligated to tip their babysitters. However, if a babysitter accommodates time changes, additional kids, pets, light chores, etc. a tip is a nice way to say "thank you." 

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