Babysitter Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children

Babysitter Activities for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children

Keeping kids actively engaged is easy if you are prepared! Here are some suggestions for age-appropriate activities and games for babies, toddlers, and young children. It’s always good to plan ahead and have a list of ideas and imaginative concepts in mind to make sure you have a fun and creative time with the kids.

Activities for Infants (0 – 12 months):

Babies are learning about the world around them through all of their senses. Interacting with you, exploring their environment, and playing are all a part of babies’ social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. A warm, nurturing, and emotionally supportive environment provided by parents and caregivers is very important.

Help Support Mother Health International

Mother Health International (MHI) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to respond and provide relief to pregnant women and children in areas of disaster, war and extreme economic poverty. We are committed to reducing perinatal mortality rates by creating culturally competent and sustainable birth centers using the midwifery model of care.

We run a sustainable, solar powered birth house located in Atiak, Northern Uganda. We are 20 miles south of the border from South Sudan. The closest hospital is 50 miles away. We are a government approved health center that employs traditional midwives, nurse midwives and trains local student midwives. 

In Northern Uganda a woman has a 1 in 25 lifetime chance of dying during childbirth. The infant mortality rate is 10 times as high as anywhere in the Western hemisphere. We have never lost a mother and our infant mortality is 9/1,000, compared to the national average of 54/1000. We do this through one on one care that integrates nutrition, counseling, and holistic support into prenatal, labor and deliver and post partum care. 

Vintage Virginia – Fun for the Whole Family!

The 34th Vintage Virginia Wine & Food Festival is coming to the Bull Run Special

Events Center May 30th & 31st! For all of you wine-lovers out there, this is the perfect opportunity to taste from nearly half of Virginia's homegrown wineries - from the oldest & largest to the smallest boutiques & newest vineyards.

While the wine tastings are for adults only, Vintage Virginia has fun for the entire family. Parents and children will find plenty of entertainment in and around the Family Tent.

Kids Activities & Attractions at Vintage Virginia will include
  • Becki the Balloon Lady – a 7 time award winning balloon artist extraordinaire
  • “Gravity Check” – a new, energetic, & highly technical juggling act
  • Hula Hoop Contest with Hulafrog
  • Face painting
  • Moon bounces


This year at Vintage VA, ASAP Sitters is very excited to be hosting a Kids’ Play Area! 

There will be hands-on activities for the kiddos, as well as a Nursing Station for mamas with the youngest festival attendees. Our nursing station will include a comfortable place for mommies to sit, feed, or nurse their baby, change a diaper, or just relax.

We’ll also have samples of delicious Go-Chews available from our

 friends at momme meals! 



So grab the family & come out to try the Commonwealth’s best wines, delicious food truck fare, and groove to a top-tier musical lineup (including Big Tony & Trouble Funk & Love Canon. See you there!

See you at the Barre!

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Hanna Dobbels - the owner of barre.d studio in Charlottesville, VA. If you haven't heard of "barre" before, it's a fitness routine derived from Lotte Berk’s barre techniques, (a "barre" is the horizontal bar on which dancers rest a hand for support during exercises ). barre.[d] incorporates extensive high rep strength training for a total body workout yet keeping the flow low impact, balancing isometric with full-range movements, and adds a bit of a cardio kick to each class. They create an environment that encourages clients to find balance in every breath and strength in their own body.

Hanna moved to DC to start a career in management and instead, began teaching and training barre under a few studios. Since then, she has taught every type of fitness class you can imagine: from cycling, to bootcamp, to boxing, to barre. Hanna says, "My passion is teaching teachers, students, athletes; giving them solid classes that focus on form, technique, and offer a challenge they haven’t felt before. I love the energy and the joy students feel right after class, it’s rejuvenating and uplifting as opposed to further draining the mind and body....I teach for the moments that make people’s days so much brighter. "

Barre.d is all about the whole body, about the fitness community of Charlottesville, and about the love of movement. They are also about moms and families which is how we found each other. Barre.d is now offering childcare for selected classes throughout the week, which we think is really cool. Their playarea has a mini "barre," a changing station, books, blocks, and a place for moms to relax. It's safe to say, they are raising the barre [hahaha]. Hope to see you there!  

ASAP Sitters and Green Kids Crafts

We are so excited to be teaming up with Green Kid Crafts just in time for‪ ‎Earth Day‬!

Green Kid Crafts is an award winning, earth friendly monthly craft subscription service for kids that sparks creativity and cultivates respect and love for the environment. Each month, kids receive boxes filled with fun projects that challenge creativity, develop new skills, and extend into creative play.

Get 30% off boxes with code: EARTHBOX

Green Kid Crafts Earth Friendly Craft Kits

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