What Being a Babysitter Says About You

People draw conclusions about others regularly based on their occupation. When someone sees a doctor, they assume he or she is smart with great compassion, working tirelessly to help patients in any way they can. When meeting a teacher, one can assume he or she is patient with, caring for, and loving toward children, investing time in their education and future. So what can someone assume about a babysitter?

Being a babysitter shows that you are trustworthy. Children are commonly said to be their parents’ pride and joy. Parents not only invest a lot of time and efforts in their children, but also a great deal of love. No one or nothing means more to a parent than his or her child and the child’s wellbeing. It speaks volumes when a parent can trust you to provide adequate care for their child while they are away, even if it’s only for a small amount of time. Each time a babysitting request is accepted, you are building parents’ trust in your ability to care for their children properly.

As a babysitter, you must also be kind and compassionate. In most cases, children who are left with a babysitter are left with a complete stranger. This can easily cause discomfort for some children, often resulting in their sadness. When a child is sad while in your care, you must be able to comfort them in a way that makes them feel better about being with you. Whether soothing a crying toddler or coaxing a shy kid out of their shell, you have to show kindness in order to make them more comfortable with you.

Last, but not least, babysitting makes you special. Not everyone is gifted with the talent or patience to care for children. Knowing that you possess those qualities speaks volumes to your character and who you are as a person. Everyone who experiences your services as a sitter will be able to see just how special you really are.

Your occupation can speak volumes about you and your character. People recognize that babysitters are trustworthy, kind, and special. No matter what home you enter or what occasion for which you babysit, you will leave a lasting impression on a family that only someone special can achieve.