Tips for Finding a Babysitter for Valentine's Day

Romance! Candles! Wine! Dinner! Dancing! – but what about the kids?  To truly enjoy some grown up time together, you’ll need to make sure the kids are taken care of, too.  Valentine’s Day is coming up... soon. It’s one of the hardest days of the year to find a babysitter, and even with ASAPSitters here to help, it’s good to remember to:

Plan Ahead (as much as possible):  The sooner you find your babysitter the better. ASAPSitters starts getting requests for Valentine’s Day at the beginning of January! But even if you are inspired to plan a last-minute romantic rendezvous, we will do our best to help make sure the kids are taken care of.  

Be Flexible (and creative): A dinner out at a crowded restaurant isn’t the only option for romance.  A gourmet meal at home, brunch, or a late night date – with a babysitter to watch the kids – are great ideas, too.  Work with your babysitter’s schedule too - sometimes a half hour one way or the other will make the difference in their availability. If you are going out with friends, sharing a babysitter may be the best solution.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year with ASAPSitters and request your babysitter today. You deserve it!