Pointing Out the Positives: A Tip for Coping with Stress

In keeping with the theme of monitoring mental health, let’s discuss handling stress, as well as ways to relieve it. Stress is an inevitable part of life. If you’re alive, you’re going to experience stress at some point or another. Whether it comes from concern for a loved one or conflict with a friend, stress is bound to show up in some way, shape, or form. So it’s best to know what to do in any situation that can bring stress your way.

Stress, however, isn’t always a bad thing. It can help us after long bouts of procrastination that make deadlines seem more like death sentences. When putting off important tasks, we can easily cause stress to rear its ugly head. However, a little bit of stress is good for you. Stress can be that push we need to get moving in the right direction and completing a task. Some people put forth their best work when they find themselves stressed due to being under a lot of pressure; but what happens when that stress is the last thing you needed? What should you do when stress becomes too much and is affecting your life and everything around you?

When stress takes over, it can affect all areas of your life such as daily function, work, and relationships. Studies have shown that stress is linked to many different health related issues such as heart attacks, strokes, and even obesity. If you happen to catch an episode of My 600lb Life, you’ll easily stumble upon a case where the person that has found themselves in this downward spiral of poor decisions leading to bad health and morbid obesity has dealt with different sources of stress. As they became more stressed, they found comfort in food, leading to their battle with obesity and any health issues related to it. This is the perfect example of how the decisions you make to cope with stress can affect you later in life.

Everyone finds their own ways to cope with stress such as hanging out with friends, watching a comedy, or even spending some time alone writing in a journal. One of the simplest ways to cope with stress is simply to point out what is positive in your life. There are many positives that can be realized in the midst of issues such as good health, being surrounded by loved ones, and simply being alive. Thinking of the wonderful things that are going on in your life can have great impact on your physical, mental, and overall health. Minimizing stress in this manner can really have great benefits down the road.

Stress affects us all. No matter how big or small the matter may seem, stress will always have its place. Remember to keep in mind that during those times where everything seems to be going wrong and stress is at an all time high, simply take a step back and take some time to point out the positives that are in your life.