Five Fun & Free Places Every Richmond Sitter Should Know!

Taking children on outings while you babysit can be a great experience. It exposes them to new activities and keeps babysitting fun. Make sure you ask permission from the family first!

  1. The Arc Park

3600 Saunders Ave., Richmond, VA 23227

This unique park is fun and inclusive to kids of all abilities. Most of the playground equipment is accessible to people with disabilities, including a treehouse with a wheelchair ramp.


  1. The Virginia Fine Arts Museum (VMFA)

200 N. Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220

The VMFA offers the ArtCycle exhibit, which allows children to participate in art by riding stationary bikes and creating crafts. They can engage a variety of different learning styles and socialize with peers. It’s even open 365 days a year!


  1. Maymont

1700 Hampton St., Richmond, VA 23220

Maymont has a children's farm, animal exhibits, a nature center, and gardens. You’ll never run out of things to do here. Pack a picnic lunch!


  1. Libbie Mill Library

2100 Libbie Lake E. St., Henrico, VA 23230

Check the schedule online to see what children’s activities are happening. Be sure to try out the 3-D printing workshops! Also, ASAP Sitters: you can sign up for free childcare provider workshops here!


  1. Richmond City Pools

Find out which location is closest to you!

Did you know all nine of the city’s pools are completely free? The outdoor pools are open daily during the kids’ summer break and the indoor pools are open year round. You do not have to be a city resident to use the pools.


Written by ASAP Sitter Caitlin.