Chibis Indoor Playground

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kim Miller from Chibis Indoor Playground in Ashburn, VA. Chibis is pronounced “CHEE-bees” – the word "chibi" is Japanese and loosely translated means "small person.” And Chibis is a wonderland for small persons!

Kids 6 and under can let their imaginations (and legs!) run free in an amazing, spacious, and beautifully designed indoor play environment. Chibis's mission is to provide a place where parents can exercise with their children or socialize with each other, while their children enjoy a fun, safe, and very clean playground. They have a separate playspace for big kids and an area specially designed exclusively for infants.

The Infant Playground is a 400 square foot area, safely separated from the "big kids" by a 3'-high permanent boundary.  It provides a stimulating physical environment for  infants, babysitters, and crawlers that includes activity boxes, foam shapes, sensory mats, mirrors and peepholes!

The Big Kids’ playarea features an awe-inspiring mega-climbing structure, with ramps, tubes, tunnels, and all kinds of amazing interactive features. There is also a play kitchen area, activity stations with a varying selection of toys like a train set, magnetic shapes, cars, dinosaurs, building bricks, blocks, a dollhouse, and much more! 

The best part of all is that you can drop-in for open play at Chibis whenever you want, seven days a week! They are open year-round and there are no mandatory membership fees (though memberships are available) or required class registrations. So the next time you are looking for large, open space filled with toys and activities maybe we will see you there!

 Chibis is owned and operated by Loundon County parents Tiffany and Joe Burfield.  

Visit their website for more info.