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What Certifications Should Sitters Have?

Whether or not you choose to take certification courses, every sitter should know what to do in an emergency. Not all certifications need to be expensive. In fact, many certification opportunities are available for free or a low cost! Check sites like Groupon to find discounts in your area.

First Aid & CPR

Let's Talk about Kids' Mental Health

Did you know that over 20% of children experience mental health disorders1? Talking about mental health can be tough, but it's important! Both parents and caregivers should focus on promoting emotional wellbeing for all children through love, guidance, and support2. You can take a Mental Health First Aid course to learn how to recognize symptoms, talk to kids about mental health, and seek help3.

Five Fun & Free Places Every Richmond Sitter Should Know!

Taking children on outings while you babysit can be a great experience. It exposes them to new activities and keeps babysitting fun. Make sure you ask permission from the family first!

  1. The Arc Park

3600 Saunders Ave., Richmond, VA 23227

This unique park is fun and inclusive to kids of all abilities. Most of the playground equipment is accessible to people with disabilities, including a treehouse with a wheelchair ramp.


How Much Screen Time Is Healthy for Kids?


Have you ever wondered how much time your little one should spend watching television or playing with an iPad? Approximately 68% of children under the age of three use electronic media daily1! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that caregivers avoid exposing infants and toddlers to screens due to health concerns2. Research suggests that increased screen time negatively impacts young children’s weight, concentration, memory, academic achievement, mood, and language skills1,2,3,4,5.

Limiting screen time provides many physical and mental benefits for your child’s development such as a lower risk of obesity and speech delays4,5. In addition, turning off electronics in the evening can even improve sleep hygiene5,6.  Young children learn better from interacting with people rather than electronics3. Because screen time increases as children get older7, it is important to start creating healthy habits now! 

Click here to dowload a pamphelet about healthy screen time.

Written by ASAP Sitter Caitlin.

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