10 Crafts For Kids to Make With 3 Supplies or Less

Check out these simple yet fun crafts and activities for kids to make that only require a few supplies:

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  1. Painted Rocks
    Go out in your yard and collect rocks for your children to paint. Look for small to medium rocks measuring between two to four inches in diameter. With a little paint, your children can turn those old, dirty rocks into a ladybug, giant eyeball, kitty cat or abstract rainbow.
  2. Rolled Paper Beads
    Paper, glue and glitter are all your children need to create rolled paper beads that they can use to make decorative bracelets and necklaces.
  3. Cotton Ball Beards
    Children love to play dress up, but they will just go crazy over this awesome cotton ball beard! Best of all, making a cotton ball beard only requires a few inexpensive items you probably already have around your house.
  4. Soda Bottle Planter Man
    Try out this hilarious craft by transforming the bottom of a plastic soda bottle into a whimsical and useful planter person.
  5. Lunch Bag Kite
    Put those brown paper bags to use by transforming them into fun kites for your little ones to play with.
  6. Pine Cone Bird Feeder
    If your children love to watch birds, turn your backyard into a bird haven by making these simple pine cone bird feeders with only a few materials.
  7. Paper Tube Rain Stick
    Instead of tossing all of those paper towel tubes into the recycling bin, and turn them into rain sticks that your kiddos can use to make beautiful music.
  8. Paper Bag Flower Tiara
    For your little fairy princess, create a super easy and inexpensive paper bag tiara using a standard paper grocery bag and faux flowers.
  9. Cupcake Flowers
    After making tons of cupcakes for your child's class at school, put all of those left over paper holders to use by creating decorative cupcake flowers.
  10. Glove Monsters
    If your children love monsters, make a few gnarly creatures out of old gloves and pieces of felt fabric.